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Sofnolime 812 mesh, grade 797, 44 lbs (rebreather granules)

Molecular Products Sofnolime 8-12 Mesh NI (Grade 797) carbon dioxide absorbent is a 1.0mm to 2.5mm (1025) particle and has a triangular cross-section which combines to give a higher CO2 absorption capacity compared with other granule shapes and sizes. The #8 to #12 mesh granule size absorbs 150 L/Kg of CO2. The Grade 797 primary application is rebreather diving. This product is the NON-indicating version preferred by the military.

Sold in { 44 lb | 20 kg } heavy-duty reclosable keg containers. When stored correctly, Sofnolime containers maintain proper absorption capacity for five years. Our absorbent is fresh and it is stored in our climate controlled warehouse. Absorbent prices do NOT include free shipping. Dive Gear Express only stocks the NON-indicating version because U.S. Navy specifications for absorbent do not allow indicating formulations.

  • Appropriate for use with semi-closed and closed circuit rebreather diving systems
  • 797-Grade is a smaller particle to give a higher carbon dioxide absorption capacity
  • Non-indicating version as required by U.S. Navy specifications
  • Sold in { 44 lb | 20 kg } heavy-duty reclosable keg containers
  • Containers can maintain proper absorption capacity for five years